Prompt Set #101


This prompt set can serve for your inspiration directly or as an askbox meme :)

  1. I only have to be perfect. All the time.
  2. You’re making it look like it’s my fault.
  3. How much do you recall?
  4. They’re trying to pin it on somebody.
  5. He could destroy me.
  6. I hope she gets a medal.
  7. He knows but he won’t admit it.
  8. I want to publish all that.
  9. Tell me about your heroes.
  10. Can you break the spell?

BUT MOM! | Desiree, Kaylee, and Leo (Kids Week)



After the scolding by his mother was over, Leo had no choice but to force an apology though with an extremely reluctant attitude. He stood up then and left his mother, exiting the tent. He made sure to glare right back at Desiree as he walked across to his own caravan as he climbed up the stairs to the porch and slammed the door closed behind him.

Leo retrieved his juggling clubs then and brought them up to give to his mother, for now being this was his formal punishment. After he delivered them to her he walked close where Desiree still remained “I hope you’re happy..” He grumbled as he then walked away. 

Desiree watched Leo with pure enjoyment on her face. When he passed her again, she gave him a large smile, and said, “Yes, very much happy.” 

Clarisse & Desiree | Feeling Adventurous (Summer Theme)



The blonde took a deep breath before answering, not wanting to seem nervous, “I want a sea star, right here,” tapping the back of her neck. “But I want the sea star to be made of other ocean related things. Fish, shells, crabs…” Clari trailed off, loosing her confidence. “Get what I mean?” asked Clarisse after clearing her throat. 

With nothing but a nod the woman began to sketch, and it was seemed liked a few minutes turned around with a rough draft. Clari just gawked for a moment, shocked at how well she’d interpreted her terrible description. “Perfect!” she squealed happily, turning to see what Desi thought. 

Desiree took a look at the drafted up design. “You’re right, that does look pretty cool.” Then it was her turn to tell the woman what she wanted. “I’d like an anklet design, with a feather hanging from it, but the end of the feather should kind of..break off, and turn into birds.” Her description was worse than Clarisse’s, and she was sure the woman wouldn’t be able to design anything close to what she wanted. 

After a few moments however, the woman showed Desiree the design she’d come up with. It looked exactly the way she’d envisioned it. “Not bad, what do you think Clari?”

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Road Trip For Three (Summer Theme - AU) | Twins and Clarisse



Clarisse rolled her eyes, though the smile remained. She tucked the baggie away, but not so quite out of reach for the next time she wanted to get it out. Though part of her was tempted to at least get something rolled while they where driving. But she didn’t want to push her luck with Kaylee. 

When they reached the gas station the blonde only gave a thumbs up before heading into the store. She grabbed a variety of snacks, from chips to cookies, sandwiches to candy, and had it all bagged up and back in the car before she headed for the bathroom as well. 

Desiree had headed into the store at the same time as Clarisse, but didn’t finish at the same time. She was having some difficulty choosing which drinks to get. Money was no trouble, but she didn’t want to get something the other’s wouldn’t like. That’s when she decided to grab three of everything. At least they’d have enough to drink.

Once the drinks were paid for, she and the gas stations attendant, brought out the many bags, putting them in the back seat. Kaylee eyed her sister with a raised brow. “Did you really need to get all of that?” Desiree shrugged her shoulders, and waited for her turn in the bathroom.

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Troublesome Trio | Clarisse, Desiree and Kaylee



Clari nudged Desi “Oh hush, reading isn’t that bad.” rolling her eyes at their bickering. “But, I mean, don’t ya like to do stuff outside?” nodding her head to the lake they’d just been swimming in. It seemed like everything Kaylee liked doing was a one person thing, it didn’t leave room for the other two. 

"Sure. I like to go riding," she looked to the lake quickly. She would never admit it openly, but she didn’t like deep water. It wasn’t that she didn’t know how to swim - she did. She just wasn’t a strong swimmer. "The lake is okay."

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Ang na and Kaylee | Gypsy Summer (Summer theme week)



"Not here." Ang shook her head. Her horse, Hei Feng, was back home. She brought him on a lot of trips, but this time he was unnecessary since they had a full guard to travel with. "Clarisse?" Ang asked. It wouldn’t be surprising if one gypsy knew another, but she hadn’t expected this one to mention her.

Hearing that Ang did not have a horse with her, did not deter Kaylee. “That’s alright, you can borrow one. In fact, you can use Twila, and I’ll use Legacy.” When Ang repeated Clarisse’s name, Kaylee nodded with a smile. “She’s best friends with my sister and me. Though, she has more in common with my sister.”

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Kaylee and Clarisse | Mission Distraction (Summer Theme)



Clari nodded, glad Kaylee could was seeing it her way. “See, I knew this would be perfect.” grinning from ear to ear as she lead Rowen down to the beach. “To the sea,” pointing to the waves “Or to the sand,” now pointing to the beach they where now on. “What do ya want to do?” 

Kaylee looked between the water, and the sand. “To the sea,” she said with a smile. It wasn’t very often that she went into the water, but the was due, in most part, to not wanting to be splashed by her sister, or brother. She dismounted Twila, and allowed the large beast to graze freely in the near by meadow.  

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Water Balloons by gypsytwins
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Water Balloons by gypsytwins

Water Balloons (Summer Theme - Modern AU) | Desiree and Leo

Summer had been fun so far, but there was really nothing memorable about it, aside from the road trip. Desiree sat in the tent she’d set up in the backyard. It had been her home for the entire duration of summer, and she loved it.

She’d recently bought a package of balloons, hoping her parents would allow her to have a small summer party, but the answer so far had been no. She played with the balloons, and eyed the water faucet attached to the back of their house. 

That’s when she got an idea. Leaving her tent, Desiree grabbed a bin from the shed, and took both it, and the balloons over to the faucet. She spent twenty minutes filling each balloon to a certain point, and tying them closed. Then she placed the in the bin.

Now all she needed was a target. Dragging the bin with her, she went to hide among the trees. The first person to head through the back door, would be the one to get a face full of water, and balloon.